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Healthy Shopping on a Budget for June

June healthy shopping on a budget is here! We love berries and peppers, the two June Foods of the Month, because there are so many different ways to prepare these two foods. We made one appetizer, one entree, and two desserts for around $46 this month, as pictured here:

june budget post


Because we used fresh berries and fresh peppers, our grand total was a little bit higher than other months. However, frozen berries are an excellent choice to save money and shop on a budget. Frozen berries last much longer than fresh berries, making them a more convienient option to store in the kitchen for snacks on the go.

Save money by making a big batch of pasta like this healthy pepper and turkey linguine at the beginning of the week. Then, bring it for lunch to work each day for a filling meal that costs a fraction of what it would to eat out!

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