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Keep Kids Active and Hydrated

Keep Kids Active and HydratedBack to school time doesn’t have to mean that physical activity and outdoor play has to come to an end. While we may be busier with school, homework and extra-curricular activities, it’s still so important to make sure kids are staying active. It’s easy to get home and let the kids watch TV or grab an Iphone to watch, but physical activity is the best answer for good health, as well as help the kids sleep better at night!

The temperatures outside remain hot and so, in addition to getting outdoors to play, the other reminder is to make sure kids are taking water breaks to rehydrate. It’s easy for kids to get caught up playing and having fun with friends, however, a regular water break will ensure that kids are getting in enough water to stay hydrated. So for back to school time, make sure to keep kids active and hydrated!


Download the coloring sheet today to keep kids active and hydrated during the busy back to school time!

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Happy hydrating!

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