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Keep Your Head Up

Hello hello,

As Hardy told you last week, this month is American Heart Month. One thing that really hurts my heart is when I see other kids being left out. You see, I know what it’s like to be left out of things. When I first started school, the other kids didn’t realize how cool it would be to be friends with a brain! (Crazy, right?!) So for the first few weeks of school the other kids ignored me and wouldn’t talk to me, and that really hurt my feelings. I know it may not seem like it, but intentionally leaving another person out is kind of like bullying. So you know what I did? I decided to keep a good attitude, work hard in class, and eventually, I made some friends (real great ones, in fact)! Sometimes kids don’t really know how to treat a kid that seems “different” or “weird.” I talked to my teacher and parents, and they said that as long as I kept my cool, they would eventually come around. Guess what? They did! So if you ever feel alone, know that others have felt like that too (myself included). As long as you stay friendly and keep your head up, someone will realize how AMAZING you are!  Don’t forget to get my coloring sheet today! OWG_Blog_Art_2-6-12

Think heart-healthy thoughts,
Sir Rebrum

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