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Keepin' Warm Through the Winter

Hey Everybody!

I hope everyone is bundled up, because it’s December! Yes, that means decorating the Christmas tree, lighting the menorah, and more, but it also means COLD weather! We all know the usual ways to keep warm during the winter, like sipping on some low-fat hot chocolate and wearing your extra-warm sweatshirt, but here’s one that you all need to remember:  EXERCISE! I know it may be cold outside, but one way to keep warm is to get your body moving! Go for a run, play some basketball with friends, or kick the soccer ball around in the front yard. That physical activity gets the blood pumping (why do you think your heart is beating so fast?!), and keeps your body warm. Besides, the exercise will balance out those extra cookies you might eat during all the holiday parties. So put on your warm workout clothes and get out there!  Make sure you get my activity sheet and coloring sheet today!

Have a great day,
Hardy Heart OWG_Blog_Art_12-1-11

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