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Kidneys and Kickball

Hi there!Our favorite sports memory isn’t one game in particular, but an entire season that took place last year. You see, every Tuesday, our class would play Ms. GoodHealth’s class in kickball during recess. Do we have fond memories because we won every game? Nope! In fact, we lost every single one! The only thing we were better at was staying hydrated, which is no shocker, since our team had two kidneys on it! And it wasn’t just water that kept us hydrated; Ms. Smith always had a huge bag of delicious oranges all cut up and ready for us to eat. Did you know that fruits are not only full of vitamins but also water!

At first it was really frustrating, but we learned so much about being good sports, as well as never giving up. Every Tuesday our class would go out there and play our hardest, but so would the other team—and we just couldn’t beat them. The important thing though is that we never gave up. We always kept a positive attitude by working hard and cheering on our teammates. Would we have liked to win sometimes? Duh! Who wouldn’t?! But, those kickball games really taught us that winning isn’t everything—it’s more about getting physically active and having fun with your friends!
Speaking of scrumptious, hydrating fruits, check out this weeks Gimme Fivesong in the video sections and coloring sheet for today’s coloring sheet.OWG_Blog_Art_4-25-11

See ya later,
The Kidney Brothers

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