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Kids Are NOT the Only Ones Who Get Dirty

Sometimes our kids can think that the world revlolves around them and dear old mom and dad never have any fun. Part of the challenge of raising healthy kids is they can always see us as “mom,” rather than as an individual with interests and friends. It’s good for our kids to see us play! OWG staffer, Julie Green, proves that that she can play with the best of them! Check out her recent adventure race. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to get down and dirty!

A few weeks ago, four of my girlfriends and I participated in the Dirty Girl Mud Run in Atlanta, Georgia. Dirty Girl is a 5K mud run for all ages and athletic abilities. The run (not “race”) is an untimed obstacle course designed to get you moving and directly benefit the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Unknown

Our team, named “Silly Boys, Dirt is for Girls,” started our adventure Saturday morning around 9:00. We left our neighborhood dressed in our bright orange shirts and fluorescent, argyle socks, and floral leis ready to hit the mud, get a great workout and support a worthy cause.

The heats started at 8:15 am and finished up around 4:30pm. 7000 women ages 14-100 were expected to participate in the cause, and there were several gentlemen supporting their women. We were not the only ones dressed up either. I saw a team with formal dresses, tutus, silly hats and homemade team shirts. The atmosphere was one of music, merchandise tents, a lot of food, drink and fun!

Standing in front of the 11:45 start-time heat was very exciting. I was looking forward to the 11 obstacles throughout the track. Obstacles names like H2OMG, Barn Burner, PMS (pretty muddy stuff) and Just Get Over It, were a challenge for me. Some teammates were challenged with getting over fear of heights; I was challenged with the running in between obstacles. Our main goal was to stay together as a team and get as dirty as possible … and we did!

dirtygirlbefore dirtygirljulie

For more information: www.godirtygirl.com

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