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Kids Teaching Kids

Hi there,

Today was Take Your Daughter to Work Day. Some of my classmates went with their parents to their jobs, and many teachers brought their own kids to work. My teacher brought her three-year-old daughter, Josie, today. It was so much fun! During recess, several of us played with Josie on the swings and jungle gym. She was so smart and well behaved. While I was practicing counting with her, she made me think of something. We learn everything in stages. For Josie, counting to ten is quite the accomplishment. It was for all of us at one time as well! But now, we are learning our multiplication tables and long division, and there are times when it seems like the hardest thing in the world. But, then again, so was counting to ten. Watching Josie reminded me that I need to take a deep breath and remember that I’m not going to always understand everything perfectly the first time I learn it. It takes practice and time, just like when I was a little kid learning to count. Oh, make sure and get your coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!


Keep breathing!


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