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Leading Ants on a Log

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

This weekend I was at the park with my family. We were playing on the jungle gym, enjoying the outdoors, and having fun spending time with one another. After a lot of playing, I decided to take a break and have one of the healthy snacks we packed. I was sitting there eating my ants on a log (celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins), and I found myself daydreaming. Suddenly, I was on a log with the ants. The ants needed to use this log as a bridge to get across a river, and they needed my help! I fearlessly led them across the bridge, walking very carefully down the center of the log, so as not to fall off. The wind was quite strong though, so I told the other ants to stay low to the ground to avoid being thrown off balance. Almost all of us had made it across, but then I looked back to find that one of the ants had got stuck in quicksand. I couldn’t leave a man behind! So I army-crawled back and got him out of that sticky situation. We made it to the other side, safe and sound! We all started jumping up and down and cheering! And that’s when I heard my mom calling my name, “Pepto! Pepto!” I opened my eyes to realize that I wasn’t just daydreaming about celebrating; I was actually jumping up and down! I bet I looked silly! I quickly finished my nutritious snack and joined my family on a nice walk around the park’s pond. It was a great end to my weekend!



Until we meet again,

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