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Living in Reality

We saw an interesting article on CNN.com yesterday related to moms and kids who are struggling with obesity. The latest evidence coming out of Columbia University shows that overweight children and mothers tend to underestimate their own and each other’s weight.

In a study of 222 mothers and children, just under two-thirds of the participants were overweight or obese. Of that group, 82% of the obese women underestimated their weight and 86% of the obese children underestimated their weight.

Perception is a huge issue. As our society has gotten larger, the perception of a healthy weight has changed. Of course, we know that perceptions can be dangerous when taken to the opposite extreme as well as is demonstrated with those who suffer from eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

So the question becomes how do you change the perception? In a culture that doesn’t foster healthy perceptions of weight, how do we bring this back into balance. We’d love to get your feedback on this so feel free to post a comment here, on our facebook page, or reply to us via twitter.

And you can view the full CNN article here!

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