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Love Challenge

It’s Valentine’s Day, the day we show those we care about most, just how much we love and appreciate them. Today, we tend to do this through a decadent box of chocolates or an elaborate dessert. We do this because in our minds, nothing says I love you like a special food.

You may be shocked to find I firmly support this behavior. On special occasions, a tasty treat can elicit wonderful memories and strong emotions. So many positive memories and experiences are associated with food, it’s only appropriate to celebrate the most special moments with those treats.

However (you knew it was coming), as a society, we tend to show our love and appreciation through food way too often (I’m sure you’ve heard these before):

“Congratulations on making honor roll! Let’s celebrate at your favorite restaurant!”

“You played so well in your game tonight! Let’s go get ice cream!”

“You behaved so well at Grandma’s, I’m making your favorite cookies when we get home.”

“You went pee-pee on the potty! Have some candy!!!”

My challenge to you is to think of ways to show your love and appreciation through other methods than food. Sure, there is a time and place for an ice cream sundae, but in general, our children will be happier and healthier with rewards of time and activity. Some examples include:

“Congratulations on making honor roll! Let’s celebrate with a family trip to the ice skating rink!”

“You played so well in your game tonight! I’d love for you to teach me some of your moves tomorrow after school!”

“You behaved so well at Grandma’s we’re stopping at the park on our way home.”

“You went pee-pee on the potty! Let’s dance!!!”

Trust me, the children (and even adults, try it on them too!) will love the extra time and attention you give them. You’ll be creating strong bodies, even stronger relationships, and most importantly, lifelong memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Because love is in the air today, we had to showcase Melodie’s adorable children, Howie and Hope sharing a tender moment …

Melodie Vday pic 1

small MGriffin headshot copyToday we feature OWG guest blogger and childhood obesity consultant, Melodie Griffin. Melodie’s passion lies in the prevention of childhood obesity through the school and early learning settings. All programs Melodie promotes are fully approved by her home based lab rats, five year old son, Howie, and two year old daughter, Hope.

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