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Luigi's First Save

Well hey there!

We’re all sharing our favorite memories about physical activity to get ready for National Physical Education Week in May, so here’s one of MY favorites!

While it was hard to pick just one memory, I finally decided that it had to be when I saved my first goal in soccer. It was my second game as goalie and I was very nervous. You’d think I’d be a great goalie since I’m one of the largest organs in the human body, but I let in three goals the very first game! Luckily we still pulled out the victory thanks to my teammates strong defense and great scoring abilities (it really is a team sport!).

So in this second game I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to save any goals and I would let my team down. But then, seven minutes into the first half, one of the players from the opposing team was on a breakaway, coming right towards the goal. He kicked the ball to the left, and I jumped in the direction of the ball at the exact same moment… and stopped him from scoring!! It was such a great feeling to contribute to my team and save the goal. Now that I am used to this goalie thing, I am saving them left and right (and up and down – ha ha!).

Click here for today’s coloring sheet.OWG_Blog_Art_4-21-11

Keep livin’ OrganWise!
Luigi Liver

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