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Lunch Time Blues

Hi guys and girls!

I really took Peri’s blog to heart (it is American Heart Month after all)!  The idea of making others feel included really got me thinking. I don’t ever want to make others feel excluded! So I ate an apple (to make sure my blood sugar was good), and then thought about anyone in class who might feel like an outside. There is one girl, Emily, who sits by herself everyday at lunch because some other kids make fun of her. Normally, she sits there and draws during lunch, barely touching her food. So yesterday, I sat with her at lunch. What a fun time! She is the best artist I have ever seen! At first she was quiet, but once I started asking her about her art, she really opened up. She even offered to teach me a few things. I agreed, but only if I could teach her about eating healthy, since not eating food at lunch is definitely not healthy. So I explained to her about how important it is to eat all three meals every day as this helps me, Peter Pancreas, keep your energy levels good. She taught me some really cool things about perspective, vanishing points, and shadowing! At the end of lunch, she thanked me for sitting with her at lunch, and that it was really great to have a friend that day. I told her I had fun too, and now she has a friend every day! She won’t be sitting by herself at lunch anymore! All right, I’m going to work on my drawing so I can show Emily tomorrow! And if you see someone sitting alone at lunch tomorrow, invite him or her to sit with you. It will mean more to them than you know (and you might learn something new too)!  Don’t forget to get today’s coloring sheet.OWG_Blog_Art_2-16-12

Keep eating healthy!
Peter Pancreas

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