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Make a New Friend

Hi-ya kids!

We just read Sir Rebrum’s post from earlier this week. Can you believe that someone as awesome as Sir Rebrum had trouble making friends simply because he was abrain?! We can’t! Hello! He is a BRAIN! Why wouldn’t you be friends with the smartest (and nicest) kid in class?! Well, the smartest kid in our class is Ty. At the beginning of the year, some kids were calling him a “nerd” and a “geek” because he got such good grades and could answer the teacher’s questions. Can you believe that! Good for him for working hard. So next time we saw some kids being less than friendly to him at recess, we invited him over to play four square with us.  While Ty turned out to not be a king at four square, it didn’t matter, because he kept us laughing the whole game! That kid knows the most hilarious jokes! Had we just joined in with everyone else who was being mean, we wouldn’t know WHY the chicken crossed the road! Besides, it’s kind of a smart move to be friends with the smart kids, as they have great study tips and will usually help explain things you don’t understand. It seemed like a real win-win for all of us: we made a great new friend and he is super smart! So next time you see someone being picked on, ask them to play with you at recess. You just might find a really cool new friend.

The Kidney Brothers

PS – Don’t forget our coloring sheet today!

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