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May Healthy Shopping on a Budget

We are back with our monthly healthy shopping on a budget feature! Last month, we learned to check stores for fresh produce deals and two for one deals on whole wheat pasta and lean meats. This month, we focused our shopping around eggs and spinach, the two Foods of the Month for May.

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For a little over $40.00, we made two healthy dinners (with leftovers!), a snack, and breakfast. We ended up with extra food left over from these groceries, so they can be used for more than what we show here.

In May, our strategy was to check out a local superstore’s grocery section to see the deals they offered. We were in luck! One of the most valuable things we learned is that these stores typically have a clearance section for food. We found a box of pasta (the one used in the pasta salad recipe) for about $1.00. The additional ingredients cost about $10, making this healthy dish cost about $1.50 per serving. As a side note – we like to grow our own herbs (including basil) and purchase costly items like pine nuts at a wholesale club to save even more money!

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