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May Healthy Shopping on a Budget

We love the two Foods of the Month for May – eggs and spinach. These two foods go so well together that it was a lot of fun creating the recipes for this month.

Check out everything that we made for around $29.00.

May Budget Post

Another great thing about eggs and spinach is that they can be used in meals that are appropriate for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This versatility makes these foods go a lot further in your budget. A carton of 12 eggs only costs around $3.00, but when you consider that these eggs can be used for just about any meal, it really saves money. Serve the egg frittatta (top right) as a dinner entree one night and your cost per person (assuming 4 people) will be about $2.00!

To save money, consider purchasing foods that pair well for any meal of the day (like eggs and spinach!), and then get creative with how you can serve them in different breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees.

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