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Meet Our Moms – Harden Price

We want to introduce you to another great mom’s on our OWG Mom’s Council. These women give us advice from their own lives and adventures for our OWG Blog!

Harden is originally from Norfolk, VA and attended James Madison University for her undergraduate degree. She then completed her graduate degree at Georgia State in Public Policy. After college, she traveled and hiked the Appalachian Trail. She also started and managed an AmeriCorps Program which served at risk youth for three years. After living in Ecuador for six months, she began her journey to motherhood with her first son and three years later a second son joined the family. For the past five years, she’s been a stay at home mom. With her youngest starting kindergarden, she and her husband plan to start a company retrofitting residential and commercial spaces to make them more energy efficient.

OWG Mom Council Member Harden Price with her family

OWG Mom Council Member Harden Price with her family

In her own words:

I love to cook, garden, and being in the outdoors. My boys are a blast and my husband and I are looking forward to many future adventures with them.

We’ve learned a lot from Harden’s adventures with her boys and think you’ll enjoy her ideas on our blog!

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