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Mission Organization

From Our House If you are anything like me, you are ready to get back into a routine. Summertime is great, but there is something about having a daily routine that seems to keep everything in order. While I am amazed at how fast the summer flew by, it sure didn’t take long for my house to become full of chaos, and not just because of the kids! I like to make the excuse that when we moved into our house two years ago, I was 7 months pregnant in the dead heat of a Houston summer and so all of our stuff literally got thrown into closets and cabinets and hasn’t moved since. So, the last few weeks I have been on Mission Organization. I am determined to tackle the “mess” of my house one room, one closet, one drawer and cabinet, at a time! Anyone else in? Here are a few things that I have already done that have seemed to bring a sense of structure to my life:

  • Set up a command center – A new shelving unit with a cubby space for each family member and a large dry erase calendar on my kitchen wall now makes this Grand Central Station. The calendar is helpful so that my husband and I know the daily schedule (his contribution is the football game schedule for both our teams pinned up there). This is also a great place for keeping up with the kids’ many school papers, bills, etc. You will LOVE having everything together in one place!
  • Clean out the closets – Get rid of all of the clothes that no longer fit (or the ones you just don’t wear anymore!) Take them to goodwill or try and get some extra spending money by holding a garage sale. I tell you, this can be a very liberating experience!
  • Create a system for the kids’ masterpieces – There are endless amounts of school papers, artwork, and report cards that the kiddos will bring home that they (and you for the most part) will be proud of. The question is, what do you do with it all? Create a rotation system where the kids can select a few of their favorites and hang them up. We have a “Master Piece” wall that gets the favorite art pieces and then after awhile switch them out and file away the old ones in a file box that you can create for each child.
  • Implement a meal planning system – I have previously written about the importance of meal planning for my family. Planning ahead allows for us to be prepared for the busy nights and ensures that we save money AND eat healthier. I recently purchased an adhesive weekly calendar to showcase all of our meals for the week. This hangs on our refrigerator and keeps us even more accountable!

We would love to hear some more ideas! So tell us, what are your best organization methods!?

by Maria White 

Home Organization

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