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Money Matters

Hi-ya kids,

This weekend was really great. Do you know why? Because we made some money! Our neighbor was going out of town for the weekend, so he asked us if we could walk his dog for him twice a day. We were all ready to say yes, and then he offered to pay us each five dollars a day! That’s right, he paid us ten dollars to get outside and play with his dog. Now that is some easy money! All we did was walk the dog, play some fetch with him, and then make sure he had food (of course we checked his water, too). We had so much fun with the dog, we decided to use some of our money to buy him a new toy. Now, we just hope our neighbor goes out of town again so we can play with him some more!


The Kidney Bros.

PS – Don’t forget our cool coloring sheet! OWG_Blog_Art_9-23-13

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