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New Life Seasons Bring New Traditions

As the temperatures cool, the ‘great outdoors’ become even more inviting. Except for someone like me who grew up in a household thatcentered around the big three – football, baseball and basketball. With both college and professional football games ALL weekend, baseball moving into the post-season and the NBA season kicking off at the end of October, I could easily find myself in channel surfing nirvana on those two days instead of enjoying this incredible season with MY star players, my kids.

My job preceding the birth of The OrganWise Guys was at a sports marketing company that represented professional athletes, coaches and sports broadcasters. My job was to be in the know in the world of sports to be able to ‘talk shop’ in real-time with clients. Heaven! At this time, I was single with no one to answer to but me.Unknown

As that career ended and OWG began to bloom, I moved onto a new chapter that included marriage, family and business. In essence, I began a new ‘season’ of life, which is only just that – a parenthesis in eternity to enjoy my kids while they still want to be around me!

So fall weekends consist of apple picking, hiking, negotiating our way through a giant corn maze, and other family stuff that does not require a remote or stylus. Bliss!

To be honest, I still sneak a peak at SportsCenter, but I can leave it at that knowing that when the time is right I can resume my spectator status, modified, of course – if I choose to.

What fun things are you doing with your kids this season?

By Karen McNamara

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