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NO-vember No More

Well hello everyone,

It may be November, but I’m going to turn it in to YES-vember. So, if anyone asks me to exercise, I’m going to say yes! This thought came about because lately, it’sbeen getting kind of cold outside, and I have found it much easier to turn down an invitation to go for a run with Calci, instead choosing to read or draw.  While both of those activities are great to keep the mind healthy, I still need to keep my body healthy too! So all this month, if Hardy asks me to join in on a football game, or if Luigi wants to go play on the jungle gym in the playground, I’m saying YES! Just because the weather is a bit chilly, doesn’t mean we can ignore being active!OWG_Blog_Art_11-5-12

Talk to you soon,

Peri Stolic

PS – Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

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