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No More Winter!

Madame Muscle ColdWell hello everyone,

I am so tired of the cold winter! Every day, it’s a hassle to put on the gloves and the scarf and the jacket, only to take them off when I get to school, then put it all back on once I go to recess. I just want it to be warm! I was whining, yes whining, to my mom about it and you know what she told me? She said to take all the energy I spend worrying about something I can’t control and turn it into something positive, like studying for school or writing a letter to my grandparents. So that’s exactly what I’ve started to do! There are lots of little things that we get upset about that we can’t change or control, so let’s not waste our time being upset about it, let’s do something great with that time! If you need a suggestion, I recommend exercising, playing with your amigos, or making a healthy recipe. Make sure and download the coloring sheet for today.

Talk to you soon,

Madame Muscle

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