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Not All Presents are Store Bought

Hola amigos!

This weekend I learned something new, and I thought I’d tell you about it. You see, I was having trouble deciding what to get my grandma for Christmas. She is such a special lady, and I wanted to make sure I got her the perfect present (or regalo perfecto in Spanish). I thought about getting her a picture frame, but then remembered that I got her that last year. Then I thought maybe some new running shoes, but I didn’t know what size. I asked myself, “What would Grandma really love and use?” Then it hit me: a scarf! She is always saying how cold it is in the winter, so what better way to keep her warm than a scarf? I decided to make this gift extra-special by making it myself! Luckily, my mom knows how to knit, so we went to the store and picked out two types of yarn (blue and pink, my grandma’s favorite colors), and then we got to work. It was hard at first to learn the correct way to form a slipknot, but with my mom’s supervision, I eventually got the hang of it. Not only will my Grandma love my scarf, but I got to spend some quality time with my mom while making it. Everybody wins! I hope all of you got to spend time with your loved ones this weekend, because after all, that is really what the holidays are all about. OWG_Blog_Art_12-19-11

Madame Muscle

PS – Don’t forget today’s coloring sheet!

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