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Nutrition Education Programs Make a Difference

Nutrition Education

We recently received a Facebook message from Hope Dennis, a University of Illinois Extension agent in Crawford County. She shared this with us:

“I have got to say … I love THIS program. I do programs for Kindergarten through 2nd-graders in my local schools including the OWG program. The kids LOVE IT! We impact families, too! Just yesterday, I received this note in the mail. I don’t even know the family. How nice for the mom to take the time and send a card. See? Your program is making a difference. And this card is for YOU too! ”

Hope Dennis Thank You


Thank you to Hope Dennis for making an impact on these kids and their parents! We rely on people like you to help get the message out there and it looks like you are doing a fine job of it! Nutrition education is key in fighting this childhood obesity epidemic!

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