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NUTritious Snacks

Hi Guys and Girls,
Peter here, with another quick tip on how to participate in National Nutrition Month. We all know that fruits and vegetables make for some high-fiber, low-fat snacks,but sometimes we want to mix things up. That’s okay; just make sure your snack is nutritious! So what is a nutritious snack you can eat besides fruits and veggies? Look no further than the first three letters of the word: NUTritious. That’s right, enjoy a handful of nuts is a great snack! You can have almonds, pecans, peanuts, and others, just be sure they aren’t too salty or coated in sugar! If you want to really change it up, then throw almonds and peanuts in a bag with some raisins and granola, and you got yourself some trail mix! So make a bag and hit the trails. Or at least enjoy a nice walk around the neighborhood while you eat your NUTritious snack!  After that, you can download today’s coloring sheet and activity sheetOWG_Blog_Art_3-15-12

Keep eating healthy,

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