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Nuts and Fruit Snacking

Nuts are an April Foods of the Month and are the perfect size for snacking! Not only are nuts portable because they are small, but they are also an excellent snack option because of their nutritional content. Nuts are full of good fats so they help us feel fuller longer. When we mix nuts with fruit, the combination is delicious AND nutritious.Here are our favorite nut and fruit combo snacks. Try one today!

Trail Mix – With dried fruit and nuts, this snack is an excellent choice for kids and families on-the-go. Simply mix your favorite nuts and fruit together in a plastic bag, shake, and eat!

Nut, Fruit and Cheese Plate – Have you ever eaten a combo of nuts, fruit and cheese before? The salty nuts, the sweet fruit, and the savory cheese is a perfect combination. Try out a nut, fruit and cheese plate of your own with walnuts, reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese, and pears. Yum!

Nutty Nachos – these apple “nachos” an an excellent snack or dessert. Simply slice apples thinly (they are your nacho “chips”) then top with a drizzle of peanut butter, chopped nuts, and a few dark chocolate chips. (Drizzle room temperature all natural creamy peanut butter with a spoon, or microwave refrigerated peanut butter in a microwave safe dish for a few seconds to get the right consistency.) Microwave for 45 seconds and you have yourself a decadent snack. We loved the end result:

nutty nachos

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