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Nuts – How do They Grow?

To celebrate nutritious nuts, one of our April Foods of the Month, we want to test your knowledge on these healthy, tasty snacks. Have you or your children ever wondered how nuts grow? Do they come from underground, a tree, or somewhere else? The answer may surprise you – read more to find out!Peanuts grow underground. Check out this picture; it is the peanut plant!


Notice that the peanuts are in the root of the plant, which grows underground. If you live in Georgia you may have seen this plant before. Georgia grows about half of the peanuts in the United States!

Walnuts, pecans, cashews, almonds all grow on trees. These beautiful trees grow in many parts of the United States and can be seen by visiting a nut farm. These farms are fairly common throughout the United States, especially if you live in warmer weather climates.

Next time you need a weekend activity idea or are on vacation, check the internet to see if there is a nut farm close-by to educate your children about these nutritious foods!

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