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Obesity by the Numbers

We want to talk obesity by the numbers. Obesity, specifically childhood obesity, is consistently in the news these days. Kids are growing up in the technology age, offering a more sedentary lifestyle. Busy families and the convenience of fast food prevents kids from eating healthy meals. What we have found in our 20+ years of working in this arena is that early intervention is key; the younger, the better!

Nutrition education can and does work. In fact, kids who use The OrganWise Guys program are shown to have statistically significant improvements in weight, waist circumference, BMI percentile, blood pressure and test scores. You can learn more about our obesity research on our website. Prevention is the most viable option in reversing the trend of childhood obesity to avoid costs of treating chronic diseases and problems associated with obesity.

Check out the infographic to see obesity by the numbers:

Obesity by the numbers infographic

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