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October Healthy Shopping on a Budget

Happy Fall!! The October Foods of the Month (apples and winter squash) are the perfect seasonal fruits and veggies to incorporate into your meals this time of year. This month, for about $37, we made all the meals in this picture:

oct budget post


For wallet-friendly shopping, we provide two tips this month. To start, consider stocking up on basics like salted/sugar free nuts and low-fat cheeses. These healthy foods last for a long time when stored properly and help us to feel fuller longer. Also, when we have these foods on hand, it’s cheaper to make some of the healthy snacks like you see in the picture above. Since we already had low-fat cheese and nuts in bulk, all we needed for our apple, cheese and nut mixture was the apple!

The second tip is for chicken or any other type of lean meats. Check your grocery store circular for days that you can find deals. For our local store, Tuesdays are the days to score a big deal on chicken breasts – $3.99 a pound! This is about $1.50 cheaper than normal in our area, including shopping at wholesale clubs.

Is $3.99 a pound for chicken breast a good deal for you? How cheap can you find lean meats like this in your area? Tell us!

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