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Oklahoma, Wish We Got Here Sooner

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

We spent today exploring Oklahoma City. What a great place this is, especially for kids like us! Lake Hefner was our destination of choice. It was 10-miles around —that would be a lot of walking! Instead, we rented bikes, making the journey around the lake much easier to handle. After a nice bike ride, we bought a kite and had a great time flying it! You forget how much fun flying a kite can be until you’re with all your friends on a beautiful day!Pepto-Bike

For dinner, we made our way to Bricktown. There were lots of restaurants, so we took our time deciding, which was a bit rough for me, as no one likes walking around on an empty stomach—especially when you are a stomach!! But I’m glad we took our time, because I had a great Greek salad topped with grilled chicken! Mmmmm, it was tasty and we all downloaded copies of today’s coloring sheet to distract us while we waited for dinner! Overall, another excellent stop on our cross-country trek.

Until we meet again,


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