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Olympics in the UK

Well hey there!

This morning, I took a break from all the Olympics coverage and went for a run with my dad. While we were running, we started to talk about England, where theOlympic Games are being held this year. I commented that it has been really fun these past two years for England. Last year, Prince William got married to Kate Middleton, and that wedding had the whole world tuned in to see them say, “I do.” Now, they are in the middle of the Olympics! Not to mention every year they host Wimbledon, one of the biggest tennis tournaments in the world. This year, they even got to see their own countryman, Andy Murray, compete in the Men’s Final. It’s a good thing they have Big Ben, the giant clock, to help keep them on schedule, because there is a lot of excitement that goes on in London. Let’s hope the US gets another bid to host the Olympics, so we can join in on the fun!OWG_Blog_Art_8-9-12

Keep livin’ OrganWise,
Luigi Liver

PS: Don’t forget my coloring sheet and activity sheet today!

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