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One Day Without Shoes

Hey Team!

Have you guys heard of a company called TOMS Shoes? It is an awesome company who has designated tomorrow, April 5th, as TOMS’ “One Day Without Shoes” campaign. Now, I know it might sound silly, but it is actually a day to raise awareness about how kids in poverty-stricken (that means very poor) countries don’t even have shoes to wear.

Actually, all year long, TOMS Shoes helps these kids by donating a free pair of shoes to a child in need every time someone buys a pair for themself. We OrganWise Guys love that idea! Wearing shoes is something we all take for granted, but many children can only dream of owning shoes. Having to walk around barefoot all day exposes kids to diseases and infections that we, thankfully, don’t have to worry about. And as we all know, shoes are very important when it comes to exercise: Think about how hard soccer would be without cleats or ballet without pointe shoes? Since we are not allowed to go without shoes at our school, we decided to have a shoe drive to help out with the cause. As a bone, I know I have a tough exterior, but I really am a softy on the inside (it’s called ‘bone marrow’) and I’m telling you, it sure feels good being able to help others! Talk to your parents about donating your old shoes to kids who need them, so everyone can lead a healthy life!For more information, ask your parent’s permission to go to the following site and learn more about this great cause: http://www.onedaywithoutshoes.com/

Click here for today’s coloring sheet.

P.S. My parents said once I got home from school I could go the rest of the day without shoes!OWG_Blog_Art_4-4-11

Have a great day,
Calci M. Bone

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