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Operation Playground Clean Up

Hello hello!

What a great weekend! Saturday morning The OrganWise Guys (and our parents) headed out to our neighborhood park ready to clean up the playground. We brought buckets, soap, shovels, paint, paintbrushes, garbage bags, and more and we got to work! Hardy and Madame Muscle were pulling up the weeds all around the seesaw and monkey bars. The Kidney Brothers were hosing down the slide. Pepto and Calci were painting the fence. Luigi was loading up bags with trash, and then Peri would take all the garbage and waste to the dumpster (just like she takes out the garbage in your body -haha). Everyone else pitched in when needed. By the end of the day, the dirt and grime on the jungle gym was long gone! We even planted some bushes by the trail leading to the playground. We were all exhausted when we were done though, so we decided to go back later this week to play on it ourselves. What was fun was hearing some kids at school talking about how great the playground looked! It really does feel good to give back to the community, don’t you think?

Think healthy thoughts,
Sir Rebrum

PS – Don’t forget my coloring sheet!

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