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OrganWise Berry Desserts

Berries are a June Foods of the Month! We love these portable, sweet foods so much, especially in the summer when fresh berries are in season. Use recipes that call for berries for a healthy dessert option. Not only are berries easy to work with, but they provide much more antioxidants and vitamins than your cookies, cakes, and other typical desserts.

Here are our favorite OrganWise berry desserts!

Simple Fruit Kabobs – These fun desserts are kid-friendly because they are served on a stick. Have kids help with assembly too! Use a kabob to spear your favorite berries (we like strawberries and blueberries), as well as other fruits (mangos, pineapples, bananas, etc.) in a pattern for a simple dessert. Dip in nonfat Greek yogurt to make it more decadent.

Melon and Blueberry Cups – Stir together nonfat Greek yogurt with granola, a drizzle of maple syrup, and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Spoon the mixture into small dessert cups and top with blueberries and slices (or balls) of honeydew melon. Sprinkle with a little more granola and serve.

Berry Crumble – Mix strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with a drizzle of honey. Top with a mixture of whole oats, coconut oil, honey, and a splash of vanilla. Bake the crumble in the oven at 320 degrees for about 25 minutes, until the crumble begins to brown. Serve warm with a dollop of nonfat Greek yogurt.

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