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OrganWise Costumes for Halloween

It’s always fun to see the original and innovative costumes that come about during Halloween, but nothing makes us more giddy than seeing people dressed up as The OrganWise Guys! Over the years, we have received pictures from some of our fabulous educators who take creativity to the next level by dressing up as “the Guys” or even dressing up the OrganWise dolls. We thought it would be fun to share these unique ways they have brought the organs to life in case you get an itch to play OrganWise dress up yourself this Halloween.

We were delighted to find the following pictures posted to our Facebook page from Barbara Rather, a program assistant at Virginia Cooperative Extension, in Victoria, Virginia. She dressed up as OrganWise Guy for Halloween and said that she and the kids had a great time! One of our favorite parts are The Kidney Brothers in the back! Great job Barbara and thanks for sharing with us!

Barbara Collage

We also heard from Kristina McMurtrey, an extension agent at The University of Illinois Extension in Peoria County who has been using The OrganWise Guys programming in local schools for five years. They were one of the first offices in Illinois to pilot the program and have grown so used to having The OrganWise Guys around, they even included them in their Halloween Party! This was such a fantastic idea!

Illinois Extension Collage

This creative group from University of Illinois Extension sent us this picture several years ago and we still love it!


Lastly, UC CalFresh staff put on OrganWise plays for some of their schools and we were just amazed at how great their costumes were! You can also check out footage of their high-energy performances here.

Cal Fresh - Calci Cal Fresh - Hardy Heart Cal Fresh - Madame MuscleCal Fresh - OrganWise Gal Cal Fresh - Peri StolicCal Fresh - Pepto Cal Fresh - The Kidney BrothersCal Fresh - Sir Rebrum

 This is creativity and inspiration at its best! Thank you to all the educators out there who are promoting healthy lifestyles day in and day out to our children. You are truly making a difference!

What do you think of these OrganWise costumes? We challenge you to think OrganWise when selecting your costumes this year and please share with us if you decide to dress up as Peri Stolic!


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