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OrganWise Guys Mom, Erin Guerreri

If you’ve been enjoying some of our great blog posts over the lasts few months, you might want to thank our new OrganWise Mom’s Council. This group of healthy and dynamic moms are supermoms in our eyes. They work hard to raise healthy families and they’ve shared some great ideas that you’ve seen on our blogs. From inspiring their children with the Olympics to visits to local farms, we think you’ll enjoy their insights as much as we have.

We plan to introduce you to some of this fabulous group in the next few weeks.

Meet Erin Guerreri

OWG Mom's Council Member, Erin Guerreri with her three children.

OWG Mom’s Council Member, Erin Guerreri with her four children.

Erin is a teacher turned full-time mom of four young children living in Decatur, Georgia. Having been an athlete her whole life, she works hard to instill the importance of teamwork and healthy lifestyle choices in her children. A self professed Type A personality, she is learning to “go with the flow” as she tackles the daily adventure of motherhood. When she has a few spare moments, she enjoys reading, photography and chiming in on ideas for her husband’s fitness company.

As you can see, with 4 kids under the age of 5, Erin has her hands full! We’re thankful for all of her great input

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