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OrganWise Pumpkin Carvings

Have you been procrastinating getting and carving that pumpkin this Halloween? Have no fear, The OrganWise Guys are here! You can download and print images of your favorite OrganWise Guys and pin them on your pumpkin to carve. Having an OrganWise pumpkin could be a great reminder for the kids to make healthier choices when it comes to their stash of Halloween candy. Once you are done carving, cook up those yummy pumpkin seeds and enjoy!

Choose from one of the following OrganWise Guys and get carving:  Hardy Pumpkins

Calci M. Bone

Hardy Heart

Madame Muscle

The Kidney Brothers

Pepto, the stomach

Peri Stolic

Sir Rebrum

Windy, the lungs


If you decide to make your pumpkin OrganWise, please share with us. We would love to see them!

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