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Outrun Diabetes

Hey Team!

So I hear it’s National Diabetes Month and we just learned that our friend, Andy, has diabetes. The kind he has is called Type 1 Diabetes, which he has had since he was born. The good news is that with his daily insulin shot, he stays as healthy as can be! There is also Type 2 Diabetes, and there are several healthy lifestyle choices you can make to lower your risk of getting it. This healthy habit is going to sound pretty familiar to you… it’s exercise! Of course, you’re already doing that! You just got to make sure that you are getting in some exercise everyday, whether you play tag with friends, basketball with your siblings, or a walk around the neighborhood with your parents! Like we always say, staying active is one of the keys to staying healthy. So today, get outside and go for a run and leave Type 2 Diabetes in the dust! And after your run, get my coloring sheet!OWG_Blog_Art_10-31-11

Talk to you later,
Calci M. Bone

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