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OWG MyPlate Resources

Calling all MyPlate exerts!! Did you know The OrganWise Guys (OWG) have tons of materials featuring the USDA’s MyPlate? We love spreading the word about healthy eating and good nutrition, and think you will too with the following materials:



MyPlate is OrganWise Stickers – These colorful stickers are perfect for student incentives. Each sticker roll features a different OWG character and their favorite MyPlate section.

OWG MyPlate Assembly – Kick off your health education programming with this fun and informative assembly! Join The OrganWise Guys as they learn about MyPlate and why our bodies love healthy foods.

OWG MyPlate Placemat – This placemat is a favorite amongst many organizations where children spend time. The front has a fun graphic of MyPlate, and the back features a picture search for children to find a variety of healthy foods that we love to have on our plates!

OWG MyPlate Poster and Cafeteria Banner – These resources are perfect to hang in a classroom or the cafeteria. Turn any location into a nutrition education showcase with these fun and colorful decorations!

OWG MyPlate Puzzle – This puzzle can be used with children to educate them about healthy food choices with the MyPlate graphic.

OWG MyPlate Apron – This apron can act as a teaching tool for you as you serve up healthy MyPlate foods! Ideal for use in cafeteria settings, cooking demonstrations and food tasting events!

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