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OWG Superstars from Virginia

We were so excited when we read an article about schools in Washington County Virginia this past March:

Kindergarten and second grade students at Abingdon Elementary are learning about nutrition and health from The OrganWise Guys. The OrganWise Guys is an evidence-based obesity prevention program for children. The program uses personified characters shaped like organs of the body such as Hardy Heart, Calci M. Bone, Sir Rebrum, The Kidney Brothers Sid & Kid and Windy Lungs just to name a few, and they all live inside of OrganWise Guy or OrganWise Gal. The bond created between The OrganWise Guys and children results in a better comprehension of nutrition and healthy living concepts.
The messages instill that lifestyle choices can have either a positive or negative effect on specific organs in your body. The OrganWise Guys nationwide program is designed to help combat the childhood obesity epidemic in America and to empower children and adults to be healthy and smart from the inside out. What is also novel is The OrganWise Guys (OWG) Program has scientific proof that its approach is working!
The School Nutrition Department chose to implement this program in Washington County Schools to help children to understand how important it is for them to eat good healthy meals everyday as well as the importance of making wise food choices on a daily basis in the school cafeteria as well as at home. Abingdon Elementary has been the first to come on board with this excellent program. Classes are presently being taught in all Kindergarten classes by Ms. Francine Ivery, School Nutrition Manager and to all the second grade classes by Ms. Kim Hollaway School Nutrition Specialist Trainer.

At SNA this past week, we were delighted when Kim and Francine stopped by our booth and enjoyed getting to spend some time with them! You’ll be hearing more about their creative program!

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