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OWG Teaches Healthy Behaviors to Students in the Florida Keys

downloadWe love seeing the great nutrition and healthy living education work that takes place around the country. This month, we feature St. James Children’s Center, a preschool for children 2-5 years old in the Florida Keys. Ms. Brynn Morey, Florida Keys Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Program Manager, shared these photos with us of students learning about the Foods of the Month (FoM). Thanks to funding from the Florida Blue Foundation, St. James Children’s Center received OWG materials, trainings, and technical assistance from Ms. Morey.

download (1)Since the preschool does not have a cafeteria, they show a good model for many ways that the FoM can be used in a classroom setting. Pictured in the photo to the right, a teacher uses the FoM posters to educate children about healthy foods. The students then use the FoM coloring book as a supplement to lessons. Although there are no meals served, Ms. Sue Ellen Bennett, the Preschool Director, says snack time provides additional time for valuable teaching moments. During the healthy snack breaks (morning and afternoon), OWG materials are used to show children how their healthy food choices affect their bodies. Great work Florida Keys AHEC and St. James Children’s Center!

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