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P.E. is Spelled F-U-N

Hello hello,

Today in P.E., our teacher let us do one of our favorite activities, the parachute! For those of you who have never done it, the parachute is basically a big, multi-colored, circular piece of cloth with a tiny whole in the middle that we play games with. It sounds simple but it is so fun! We play popcorn, where we all shake the parachute and keep the balls bouncing up and down without flying off the parachute. The best part is when we put the parachute over our heads and then all get down underneath it. It’s like we’re in our own colorful circus tent! It was a lot of fun and surprisingly tiring. It may just be cloth, but my arms still got tired shaking it!

Think healthy thoughts,

Sir Rebrum

PS – Be sure to get today’s fun coloring sheet and acitivty sheet!download (23)

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