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Pass the Aloe

Hello fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

I am writing to you from a hotel room at the beach. I am not actually outside enjoying the beach with my family, as I got sunburned. Bad. I know how important sunscreen is, but after getting sunscreened up in the morning, I thought I’d be all set for the day. Boy was I wrong! It is important to reapply at least every few hours, if not more often than that. I know it may seem annoying, “wasting” precious minutes at the beach when you could be in the ocean or throwing a Frisbee around, but trust me, you’d much rather take that time when you can. Otherwise, you could end up like me, stuck in a hotel applying aloe vera to your sunburns. That, my friends, is not a fun way to spend Spring Break. Make sure to get your fun coloring sheet and activity sheet for today!


Until we meet again,


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