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Pen to Paper

Well hello everyone,

I’m sure you have read all about the Boosterthon Fun Run Fundraiser our school participated in last week. I really enjoyed the exercise, but I also enjoyed how it brought the school together, like we were one team all trying to accomplish the same goal. I was so overcome with excitement about it; I decided to write a journal entry when I got home. You know, sometimes it’s just easier to write your thoughts and feelings than it is to say them all out loud. If you ever feel like getting something off your chest, whether it’s good or bad, I suggest you take out a piece of paper, grab a pen and just start writing. And hey, if it’s something you’re embarrassed about, you can just tear up the paper and throw it away when you’re done. The point is you can express yourself so you don’t feel like you’re bottling up your emotions all the time. So get writing and have fun and after you finish your writing, get my coloring sheet for today!

Talk to you soon,
Peri StolicPrint

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