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Planting Seeds for Good Health

Hello Fellow OrganWise Guys Club Members,

All this talk about gardening has gotten me very excited AND a little bit hungry! We spoke to Miss Goodhealth about what we are going to plant in our garden. The class decided to start with scrumptious tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, delectable strawberries, crunchy carrots, tasty beets and delicious peppers. Mmmmmm, all those sound so good! Tomorrow we are going to plant the seeds. We have to make sure to carefully plant them in the correct areas, as we don’t want to mix up the seeds and have some crazy fruit-vegetable come about. Could you imagine—strawbeets or pepcumbers?! That would be crazy!

All of this talk about fruits and vegetables makes me want to prepare a salad, so I am off to ingest some healthy food. You should too (your stomach will thank you!). Don’t forget to get the activity sheet and coloring sheet!OWG_Blog_Art_5-19-11

Until we meet again,

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