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Popcorn, Anyone?

Who loves popcorn? Americans do! We eat than anyone else in the world! To be exact, we consume about 16.5 billion quarts of popcorn alone per year! Did you get healthy popcorn the last time you went to the movies? Remember to go easy on the toppings!

One cup of plain popcorn provides 1.3 grams of dietary fiber, making this corn snack a better option than greasy chips. When buying popcorn, opt for the varieties that have the least amount of added butter, salt, or other “flavors.” Or better yet, go “all natural” and buy plain kernels (these are the little popcorn “seeds”) to air pop for the healthiest version of this snack food.
To air pop the kernels, add them to a big pot and coat with canola oil and a little salt. Turn your stove to medium high heat, and after a few minutes the kernels will start to pop. Cover the pot, and in no time at all, you will have homemade, delicious popcorn!

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