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Post-Baby Fitness Journey: One Month Progress

by Maria White

by Maria White

Last month, at two months post-baby, I decided it was time to start the journey back to fitness. I wanted to share it on our blog to help motivate others and to keep myself accountable. I will admit, knowing that I’m tracking my progress on here, did give me some extra motivation on some days! Since my first post, I am down 4 pounds. Removing the added baby weight is a goal, but as previously mentioned, my main priority is eating more nutritious foods and incorporating exercise back into my routine.

Here are some things that were helpful in keeping me on track this month:

Post-Baby Fitness Journey - Month 1

#1 & #4: Food Prep – It seems simple, but if you don’t take time to wash and prep fresh produce right after you buy it, odds are, it will sit there uneaten. Unfortunately, I know this from experience. So, each week I’ve made sure to get my produce clean, cut, and accessible, which really helped when I was looking for a quick healthy snack.

#2: Fit Bit* – There are a number of options when it comes to tracking steps/sleep/food intake etc. and this Fitbit One was given to me by a friend so I was happy to try it out. Seeing the calorie intake vs. expenditure is super helpful. You set a goal weight and how aggressive you want to be in obtaining it, and it adjusts your calorie allotment accordingly. This is energy balance at it’s finest! I also set goals for number of daily steps and realizing the lack of sleep I typically get at night encourages me to work on that, too. This tool been a huge motivator to stay on track.

#3: Physique 57* – After only walking while pregnant, I wanted to ease into more intense exercise. Several years ago, I came across this DVD series called Physique 57 which is body weight resistance training and good for less impact on the body, but a great workout. I know there are classes out there nowadays that use this same method of training, but initially I wanted to get back into it in the privacy of my own home so this was a great option.

#5: Walking/Running – Lucky for me (this time of year), I live in Houston where the weather has recently been fantastic. With temperatures in the 70’s it inspired me to get outside and walk. Once out walking, I decided to try running some as well. To my surprise, I wasn’t AS out of shape as I thought I was. Despite a little soreness, I have been able to get out and run three times this past week and it has felt so good!

#6: Sweet Tooth – For me, a sweet tooth is inevitable and so I found a really yummy solution in these Yoplait Greek Yogurt Whips*. With only 100 calories and packed full of protein, this has been a great option for me when I am craving something sweet but not wanting to ruin my healthy eating pattern. Try them, they are really good and include flavors such as Strawberry Cheesecake and Lemon Meringue.

So, that’s about it for this month. I am feeling better physically, which carries over to all aspects of my life. When you feel good, it makes everything seem easier. I look forward to continued progress in the month ahead, so check back again next month for another update!

Do you have any helpful tips to share with me?

*There was no compensation for the products mentioned in this post. They reflect my own personal opinions and do not have any affiliation with The OrganWise Guys Inc.  



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