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Post-Baby Fitness Journey Update: Two Month Progress

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by Maria White

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you’re aware that I’ve been working on getting back into shape following the birth of my third child. I’m not the most patient person when it comes to obtaining a fitness goal and I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I want to see the results of my hard work instantaneously. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Instead, it’s about staying committed to a goal despite how daunting it may seem. Last month I focused on my nutrition and mixed in a little exercise, while this month I have not only committed to healthy eating, but to working out more intensely. I’m happy to report that I’ve lost another 5.5 pounds, which is always a good feeling.

Here are some helpful tips that kept me on track this month:Post Baby Fitness Journey Month 2

Recruit a partner – Fortunately, my hubby has been willing and eager to not only eat the healthy meals with me, but he’s also been cooking most of them. Having someone work along side you, whether it be a spouse, family member, or friend, definitely helps you to stay on track.

Set goals – Working towards a goal makes any process a little bit easier. Because I had decided to exercise more this month, I kicked it off by participating in a local 5K. My goal for the race was to run the entire thing and while it was quite the challenge for me, I did it. This was a great way to get myself motivated and back into working out.

Commit to Exercise – After I had my son three years ago, a friend recommended a boot camp. While I was reluctant at first, it ended up being the best thing for me and, up until I got pregnant again, was my main source of exercise. It was motivating, competitive, fun AND a great outlet. You can read about my initial boot camp discovery here. So when this same trainer (from Body By U Fit, LLC* in Houston) offered an 8-week strength training class, I thought it would be a smart way to “ease” myself back into the more strenuous boot camps. I am doing this class twice a week and while I have been extremely sore, it is great to be back in the gym.

Follow a meal plan – Along with the strength training sessions, the trainer also provided me with some great meal plan ideas. The meals I am eating generally call for small portions of high-protein foods (such as fish, chicken, egg whites, etc.), healthy fats, lots of veggies, and low carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods. I can definitely tell a difference in the way my clothes are fitting!

Prep food – Once I got the recommended meals and snacks, I bought all of the necessary food and my hubby and I prepped it in advance because we all know how much easier it is to stick to your healthy eating game plan when the food is ready to go.

This was a fantastic month, leaving me feeling optimistic about where I am headed. It reminded me that it is important to celebrate little milestones along the way when working towards a goal that may initially seem overwhelming! Check back in next month to follow my progress … until then, here’s to healthy living!

*There was no compensation for the services mentioned in this post. They reflect my own personal opinions and do not have any affiliation with The OrganWise Guys Inc.  

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