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Practice Makes….Me Less Nervous

Well hey there!

This weekend is the big race. Yikes! I’ve been working really hard to get more comfortable on the bike, and I think the practice is paying off. My friends have been a really great support system for me. Hardy has been helping me with my riding, Sir Rebrum is getting me in the right mindset for the race, and the other OrganWise Guys have been there to lend an ear and some caring words when I get stressed. The rest of our team is looking good as well. Calci, of course, is ready to run, and Kid has been swimming his whole life, so he is good to go too! Wish me luck this weekend; I think I’ll need it! I’m glad I have a coloring sheet and activity sheet to keep me busy while I wait! Print

Keep livin’ Organwise,
Luigi Liver

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