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Quarterly Check Up

Hey everybody,

It’s the end of March which means we’re one-fourth of the way through 2014. It’s pretty crazy! Now seems like a good time to check in on me, and make sure that I’m doing the best I can do every day. Of course I want to make sure that I’m eating healthy, drinking water, and getting plenty of exercise. But there are other things I need to check on as well. For instance, am I treating adults with respect? I hope so. Am I keeping up with my work in school? Thankfully, yes. Do I say please and thank you? That is one I could get better at. Other things I want to continue to keep tabs on include getting enough sleep, reading for fun, and calling my grandparents. Overall, I think I’m doing pretty well. There are always things to improve upon, but hey, nobody’s perfect! Make sure and get your coloring sheet for today!

Have a great day,


Hardy Heart

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