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Ready, Re-Set, Go!

In the quest to achieve “ideal” health/body, we often set ourselves up for failure by making it an all-or-nothing proposition. We set a standard at a level that does not take into account that unpredictable component called LIFE!


As a working mom with three kids and a husband who is also a business owner as well as a volunteer fire fighter, life is rarely the Norman Rockwell painting of domestic serenity that I assumed it should be! When it comes to staying on track nutritionally, the best we can do is set ourselves up for success with meal planning, teamwork and some luck. Even then, on nights full of extra-curricular activities, we just have to ‘make do’ and be okay with that. The trick is to re-set and get back on track the next day (or the next!).

Since we try to do the right thing most of the time (i.e., make healthy meals, have healthy snacks on hand, have diner together, etc.), those “off” days actually provide some balance and harmony (“No way mom, we’re having macaroni and cheese tonight? Awesome!”), and surprisingly often leads to the kids initiating the push of the re-set button. After a string of very un-McNamara meals, they are usually the ones to say, “ Boy I can really use some extra veggies tonight, please pass the broccoli.” To which I think, “No way did you just say that. Awesome!”

By Karen McNamara

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